For some companies a Payroll Only service may be a better option.  Allegiant Management Corporation (AMC Payroll Service) services our Payroll Only clients.  Payroll Only has a lower per check cost, along with a standard monthly fee.  Additional services are charged as they are used.  Because charges are based on usage, your costs could become higher than the leasing service.  

With Payroll Only Service, the payroll reporting responsibility remains with the client company and AMC acts as the third party agent to make payments and file reports on behalf of the client.  The client company is required to provide AMC all account numbers, set up third party access to accounts, provide tax rates and updates, and provide banking information for related tax payments.

Payroll Only clients are required to carry their own workers’ compensation policy.  AMC can provide billing and payment services upon request.

Where a leasing client would see one bank draft for each pay cycle, Payroll Only clients may have several drafts related to each pay cycle, including drafts for tax liabilities and employee direct deposits.  From an accounting standpoint, leasing helps uncomplicate bank reconciliations as there are less entries on your books.

Payroll Only customers get access to our website for among other things, State and Federal Workplace posters and New Hire Kits.  Employees have access to a private dashboard where they can view pay vouchers, tax forms and submit timecards.