American Personnel is our PEO (professional employer organization) that handles employee leasing contracts.

Employee Leasing is an all inclusive payroll and human resource solution.  

Employee leasing is a great option for smaller companies or companies without a human resource department.  Compared to payroll only services, employee leasing will reduce your week to week involvement with payroll related activities. 

With an employee leasing arrangement, the two businesses become co-employers of the leased workers.  This allows the PEO to perform most of the human resource, payroll and benefit administration work that is required by a variety of state, federal and local agencies. 

As a client of the PEO, your payroll tax liabilities of the leased employees become the liability of the PEO.   The PEO is responsible for filing all Federal and State payroll tax reports, such as form 940, form 941, Quarterly unemployment reports, state withholding and W-2’s.  In most cases, these reports are filed under the Federal employer id number of the PEO.*

When you become a client of the PEO, we will secure your workers’ compensation policy, complete the required annual audits and file all workers’ comp claims.  We administer unemployment claims and will represent you at unemployment appeal hearings.  We can help you create a handbook and job descriptions, and are available to assist you with Labor Department audits, sexual harassment and discrimination claims.  In short, we help you stay in compliance with government rules and regulations.  We can also assist with the proper way to discipline, document and terminate staff thus keeping you out of court.

You will receive one invoice each pay cycle that covers all payroll tax liabilities and workers’ compensation costs for the pay period.  Net paychecks are drawn on the American Personnel bank account.  This can help a business streamline bank reconciliations, as there are no longer multiple entries to account for.  You write one check which covers all your payroll costs: wages, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, state and federal income withholding, benefits, BET taxes, support garnishments, and workers’ compensation.  We take care of all the reporting, filing, paperwork and other routine human resource administration so you can get down to business – YOUR Business!

In New Hampshire, employee leasing companies are required to be licensed.  This process assures that, among other things, we are in compliance with all tax filing requirements, that all payroll taxes have been paid timely, and all workers’ compensation policies are in force. 

American Personnel of Maine’s license number issued by the state of New Hampshire is #088.

*note: some states, such as Massachusetts, require the PEO to file unemployment reports under the client’s state unemployment account.